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First Day Of School Quotes | Beautiful Quotes

First Day Of School Quotes | Beautiful Quotes

First Day Of School Quotes: First Impression

As all successful persons believe in “first impression” power. Our first impressions can affect other people’s mentality towards us and our work and also motivate us to interact with them. Your First day of school should impress others so that you will be motivated.  This first day of school quote is about the same which tells us to have a good impression on the first day to your teachers and friends. It is almost true that your classmate within the first week will be your intimate

First Day Of School Quote

Your First Impression will lead you to destination

First Day Of School Quotes: Learning is life

You are living for learning. Learning is everywhere and doesn’t need to seek in a specific place. You have earned and learned many things form your birth and now you are joining the school for further learning. Your first day of school should be unforgettable for your whole life. It is the most popular quote of Seneca the Younger. Only education is one thing which can help you when you alone and needy.
First Day Of School Quotes

It takes the whole life to learn how to live

First Day Of School Quotes: Belief on Reality
Reality is that you have faced and supposed to exist in real life. Assumption needs to be changed in reality by working hard and abandoning your wishes. Your assumption cannot make your first day of school like you wanted to have but your hard work can do it. Albert Einstein said reality as an illusion.

Reality is that  which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.


First Day Of School Quotes: A true Friend

One of the most important matters for a student joining a school for the first time is, who and how will their friends. Students should mingle with as many friends as possible on the first day of school. There is a deep friendship with friends in studying and playing. You should be able to talk to friends without shame. One should focus on friendship and closeness with the teacher on the first day of school.

A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success